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Will Online Learning Work for Me?

You have a job, a life, and responsibilities; but you also have the desire to earn the degree that will qualify you for advanced positions and give you the experience that you need to succeed. Whether you‘re choosing your initial career path, advancing your career, or one of those 55% of Americans who are unsatisfied

A Flexible, Dynamic Alternative: Education School Online

Online education is an expansive and dynamic style of learning that provides students with the accessibility and flexibility they need to earn a degree of any level in their chosen program. The brick-and-mortar learning format is not for everyone, and online learning provides the professional student with a rigorous learning regimen while allowing them to

Working Toward Your Dream Job

The men and women who have these rewarding, meaningful jobs in education did not get them because they are lucky – they got them because they had the vision to see the road towards their career destination and the work ethic to walk it. More often than not, the straightest road to that destination is

Why an Education Career?

Education is America’s second-largest industry. There are more than 13 million educators and support personnel employed by public and private educators to facilitate the academic and vocational training of more than 80 million students, from preschool tots to Ph.D. candidates. As the population grows and the nation’s economy and society becomes more skill-driven, there is